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In addition to my professional and technical experience, two primary attributes compel my passion for this industry: creative problem solving and communication.

The strongest bridge between my previous field and my current direction is the reliance on creative problem-solving. I am a husband, a father, and a consultant. My wife enjoys my aptitude for resolving issues. My daughters appreciate my ability to "fix everything". My employers, clients, and colleagues have rewarded me for working with others to find the best solutions. This is what allowed me to stay productive despite a recession. That is why in my short time at UWM, I've received two Dean's scholarships, was acknowledged as a student of the semester, and received high honors.

I understand that project success requires more than simple task completion within the project life cycle.

There are times for finding solutions and times for simply listening. When I received the Employee of the Year award at Arc Design Resources, the President said, “He exhibits a communication style that is best characterized as calm confidence in the face of adversity.” I recognize the value of taking time to listen, empathize, and foster meaningful relationships. My wife is a professor of communication in the University of Wisconsin Colleges. I have absorbed her understanding of the human element in communication. In turn, I have applied it to make my approach to problem solving more malleable. My goal is to be useful to those around me. Whether solving problems or playing a supporting role in helping others to find solutions, the team is always in focus.

Please take some time exploring this resume to determine if my experience and my work ethic are a match for your company.

Experience and responsibilities are offered by employer and by role or position. Skills relative to the study of information science and technology can be found under the education and portfolio sections. Proficiencies relative to software, coding, instrumentation, and special training can also be found under the education section. If you desire more information, feel free to contact me.

Thank you for your consideration.

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